ATM for Buying and Selling Bitcoin

Harash 5, Herzliya, Israel

Alenbi 106, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tuval 34, Ramat Gan, Israel

Great user experience.

A new Bitcoin ATM, Buying and Selling services in a convenience you were unfamiliar with.

An high-end ATM that provides service in a variety of virtual currencies.

Buying: The ATM allows deposit of cash shekels (ILS) and exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Sell: You can send Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin to the ATM machine and receive cash.

Simple interface to operate and easy to understand for quick and safe buying and selling of Crypto Currencies.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin

Convenient interface with three simple steps:
Scan Bitcoin Wallet Address >> Insert Cash >> Buy Bitcoin.
Scan your QR code
Insert Cash

Buy Bitcoin

Selling Bitcoin is faster than ever.

Convenient interface with three simple steps:
Choose how much to sell >> Scan Bitcoin wallet address >> Get the money.
Choose how much to sell
Scan the wallet address
Get the money

The ATM supports a wide variety of Crypto Currencies.

Our Bitcoin ATM supports a number of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,and Litecoin. We plan to add USDT as well.