Be ATM Rates

Buy and Sell Rates of Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM in Herzliya, Harash 5

Bitcoin ATM in Tel Aviv, Alenbi 106

Bitcoin ATM in Ramat Gan, Tubal 34

Bitcoin ATM in Bat Yam, Rothschild 30

max order Min order Sell rate Buy Rate Coin
*10,000 ש״ח/24ש 500 ש״ח 1.95% 1.95% btc bitcoin
eth ethereum
ltc ethereum

**For a discount to 3.45% use coupon code: BIT

10,000 ILS 24/7 Registered customers only

* The terms of the transactions are dynamic and may change from time to time without prior notice.
* In large transactions, the terms of the transaction may change for the better / for the worse, depending on the market situation.
* No currency conversion.
* Conversion rate by Kraken rate

* Identification in any amount of ID + face image of the user.